PDP11GUI 1.48

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at t-online.de
Thu Aug 18 09:32:35 CDT 2016


>> a new release of PDP11GUI is online, with lots of enhancements:
> Is anyone working on a Linux port? I expelled the last of Windows from
> the house years ago.
I got this asked permanently!
PDP11GUI should run under Wine. Apparently nobody tried so far, at least 
I got no feedback about.
Perhaps you like to try? I'd jump in on any problems, and write a 
"HowTo" doc page on success.

> The links to the bits about interfacing a real 11/70 panel via USB are
> broken?
On which page are the broken links?

> I would dearly love the schematics and code to build my own!
The "USB adapter" approach is quite outdated, no further docs available.
BlinkenBone is the way to go, see
and more.

On VCF Mid West in Chicago in september we hold a workshop about 
connecting a 11/70 panel to BlinkenBone, see


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