DEC Indicator Panels page

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Aug 18 12:02:12 CDT 2016

    > From: Mattis Lind

    >> To start with, there's this image:
    >> That's clearly an FP15 on the lower left, and I have identified the
    >> center one as a TC15, but what are the other two?

OK, I have identified the one on the far right as a VT15. (Crappy image from
DEC documentation added to the page - can someone provide a better one? I've
looked online but the ones I've found are either at a steep angle, or have
a corner missing, or something.)

(And I'm still hoping for an RK08 or RF11 image! ;-)

The other one seems to be the same as this one:

    > The panel to the left is RF15 and the right is TC15. But what is the
    > middle one?

which is in quite a few PDP-15 images, but still un-identified.

It seems to be always near the CPU, so perhaps it's a panel for the memory
management, or something like that? I've looked through some of the manuals
on BitSavers, and I've yet to turn it up, although the block diagram on page
2-3 of the PDP-15 Installation Manual shows an 'indicator [panel]' (no
further info on it, alas) in that location, which is probably it.

There aren't that many devices in that system, so there are only a few
possibilities: BA15 (paper tape controller), DW15A (bus converter), KE15
(extended arithmetic), MM15-A and MK15-A (memory). It might also be a BD15,
whatever that might be (seems to include a D/A, from what little I can find
on it online), since that was listed as having an insert for it.


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