Microvax II hardware not recognized

Peter Coghlan cctalk at beyondthepale.ie
Fri Aug 19 05:04:37 CDT 2016


> Device                  Device           Error
>   Name                   Status           Count
> MPA0:                   Offline              0
> PTA0:                   Online               1
> PUA0:                   Online               1
> PUB0:                   Online               1
> I swear that when I first installed VMS the DHV11 ports showed up in the 
> show dev list on the MicroVax II.
> The TQK50 controller (I have 2) were put into a MicroVax 4000 and that 
> Vax saw each board, so I don't think the boards are bad.

It's not clear to me what issue you are reporting regarding the TQK50
controllers.  Are you saying that VMS is not seeing them because you don't
see any MUA devices listed?

PUA0 and PUB0 are your two disk controllers.  Some googling suggests that PTA0
is a tape controller.  (Google also suggests that one error at startup is to
be expected for PT/PU devices.)

Having PTA0 listed suggests that VMS is seeing the tape controller but not
seeing any actual tape drives attached to the controller.  Maybe the tape
drive or drives are not correctly attached to the controller or are not

(Don't worry about MPA0 - this is a virtual device expected to be absent
 in VMS V5.5-2 and present in VMS V7.2.  It is not related to tape or serial

Peter Coghlan.

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