Microvax II hardware not recognized

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at comcast.net
Fri Aug 19 15:55:14 CDT 2016

>> Yes, it is an MSCP disk controller, and it seems to work OK.  I boot from it and the CSR is at the standard 1st address, it is connected to a SCSI2SD board.
>> I think you have a good point about CSR addresses.  There is a CONFIGURE tool that tells you what set the addresses to for a particular collection of options, I need to run that and then check that all the devices are set to the proper addresses.
>> I suspect that I don't see MUA0 show up because the tape drive is not working properly.
> To make matters confusing, there's an aspect of floating CSRs I did not mention before.  Some devices -- MSCP disk is one, TMSCP tape also I think -- have floating CSRS for the second and subsequent units, but the first is fixed.  Others, like the DHV11, are all floating (including the first unit).
> 	paul
These comments have been very helpful, it has be over 10 years since I 
did these things with VAXes.  It is starting to come back, little by 
little.  Re-visiting the VAX is turning out to be fun, it is somewhat 
like a treasure hunt.

When I run CONFIGURE I will post what the CSR's should be and what I had 
them set to.


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