Microvax II hardware not recognized

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at comcast.net
Fri Aug 19 23:13:08 CDT 2016

On 8/19/2016 4:55 PM, Douglas Taylor wrote:
>>> Yes, it is an MSCP disk controller, and it seems to work OK.  I boot 
>>> from it and the CSR is at the standard 1st address, it is connected 
>>> to a SCSI2SD board.
>>> I think you have a good point about CSR addresses.  There is a 
>>> CONFIGURE tool that tells you what set the addresses to for a 
>>> particular collection of options, I need to run that and then check 
>>> that all the devices are set to the proper addresses.
>>> I suspect that I don't see MUA0 show up because the tape drive is 
>>> not working properly.
>> To make matters confusing, there's an aspect of floating CSRs I did 
>> not mention before.  Some devices -- MSCP disk is one, TMSCP tape 
>> also I think -- have floating CSRS for the second and subsequent 
>> units, but the first is fixed.  Others, like the DHV11, are all 
>> floating (including the first unit).
>>     paul
> These comments have been very helpful, it has be over 10 years since I 
> did these things with VAXes.  It is starting to come back, little by 
> little.  Re-visiting the VAX is turning out to be fun, it is somewhat 
> like a treasure hunt.
> When I run CONFIGURE I will post what the CSR's should be and what I 
> had them set to.
> Doug
Here are the results:

Before - the CSR, VEC were set as follows

VIKING MSCP Disk controller : CSR 772150 VEC 154
RQDX2 MSCP Disk controller : CSR 760334 VEC 300
DHV11 Serial Mux :                   CSR 760460 VEC 300
TQK50 TMSCP controller :        CSR 774500 VEC 260

After -

  $ run sys$system:sysgen

DEVICE> uda,2
DEVICE> tu81
DEVICE> dhv11

Device: UDA     Name: PUA       CSR: 772150       Vector: 154 Support: yes
Device: TU81     Name: PTA       CSR: 774500       Vector: 260     
Support: yes
Device: UDA     Name: PUB       CSR: 760334*      Vector: 300* Support: yes
Device: DHV11     Name: TXA       CSR: 760500*      Vector: 310*     
Support: yes


After changing the CSR and VEC of the DHV11 and rebooting :

$ show edev

Device                  Device           Error    Volume Free  Trans Mnt

  Name                   Status           Count     Label Blocks Count Cnt

DUA0:                   Online               0
DUA1:                   Mounted              0  VAXVMSV055 1954644   126   1

DUB0:                   Online               0
DUB1:                   Online               0

Device                  Device           Error
  Name                   Status           Count
FTA0:                   Offline              0
OPA0:                   Online               0
TXA0:                   Online               0
TXA1:                   Online               0
TXA2:                   Online               0
TXA3:                   Online               0
TXA4:                   Online               0
TXA5:                   Online               0
TXA6:                   Online               0
TXA7:                   Online               0

Device                  Device           Error
  Name                   Status           Count
PTA0:                   Online               1
PUA0:                   Online               1
PUB0:                   Online               1
WSA0:                   Offline              0

The TK50 still does not show up, I think it is because the tape drive is 
not functioning (can't move the lever to allow a tape to be loaded).
However, I do have functional RX50 floppys, just need some media.  I 
have a couple spare TK50's and will try those to see what happens.


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