X server for original PC (8088/8086)

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Aug 20 09:06:16 CDT 2016

> On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 5:56 PM, Steven M Jones <classiccmp at crash.com> wrote:
> > Models             Display  Resolution  Planes  Processor  Coprocessor
> > ------             -------  ----------  ------  ---------  -----------
> > 700/X Grayscale      19"     1024x768     8    34010/60MHz 80186/16MHz
> > 700/X VGA Color      14"      640x480     8    34010/60MHz 80186/16MHz
> > 700/X Hi-Res Color   16"     1024x768     8    34010/60MHz 80186/16MHz
> Before anyone gets too excited about the blistering speed of the 60
> MHz TMS34010, it should be noted that each TMS34010 instruction cycle
> takes eight clock cycles, so the instruction cycle rate is only 7.5
> MHz, and of course many instructions take multiple instruction cycles,
> so the instruction rate is even lower.  However, since it has a
> graphics-optimized instruction set, it was still able to do some
> things noticeably faster than the 16 MHz 80186 would have.

Somewhere I have a thing badged 'Princeton Ultra-X'. This is a pizza-box type
slab that goes under a VGA montor and links to a keyboard and mouse and is,
of course a standalone Xterminal.

It uses an 80188 for I/O (including 10Mbps ethernet). The Xserver is in EPROMs
and appears to run on the TMS34010 graphics processor.


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