X server for original PC (8088/8086)

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 15:26:49 CDT 2016

On 08/20/2016 02:48 PM, Mouse wrote:
>>> [small pizza-box X terminal]
>> I had a similar unit from NCD, [...]
>> Back in the day I remember using monochrome NCD X terminals though,
>> and those things were just great - it would be nice to find one again
>> one day.
> I own two NCD X-terminals; if you can drop by Ottawa, I wouldn't mind
> unloading one onto someone who'll appreciate it properly. :-)

You're actually south of me, despite my being in the US, but the trip out 
west is a little bit of a stretch (at least, just for a terminal) - I think 
it'd be around 900 miles. But thanks, though - I'll park that bit of info 
in my brain though just in case I'm ever out in your neck of the woods 
anyway; I can always contact you and see if you still have a spare one.

>> The displays were large, and I want to say the aspect ratio was
>> either portrait or maybe square, rather than any kind of modern
>> landscape nonsense :-)
> IIRC the ones I have are 4:3 landscape, but they could be square; it's
> been a while since I had much to do with them.
> Mine are in storage, not amenable to easy checking at the moment, but
> IIRC their NCD model number is 19r.

Yes, I think the 19r's are 4:3 - I remember those having quite nice styling 
and very curved screens (actually, I wonder if they're the same physical 
CRT inside as Sun used on some of their old workstation displays) so they 
still look quite nice (and of course being monochrome the display quality 
is very good)



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