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Sun Aug 21 20:06:40 CDT 2016

I've got a bunch of old stuff I want to get rid of.  Much of it is
squarely on-topic here; most of the rest is tangentially on-topic, and
I hope the remainder can be forgiven.

All this stuff is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and is yours if you come
pick it up.  In theory, I could ship, but I suck at actually getting
stuff shipped.  Except as noted, these are functionality unknown.  I
don't _think_ any of these have been robbed for parts, but it's
possible (least unlikely for the vacuum-tube devices).  Details may be
incorrect; at least two human-layer copies were involved in everything
here and I'm tired, so miscopying is not at all out of the question.

In no particular order:

Two TK50 tape drives.  These are just the drives, no controller cards
or enclosures.

One mechanical (not even electromech) typewriter.  Aside from generic
interest in such things, the major reason people here might care about
it is that it has the C= logo prominently visible on it.  (Not just a
sticker; if this is an aftermarket addon, it is a very well-done one.)

One arc-welding helmet.  It is made of fibreglass and is somewhat
cracked, but still entirely functional.

Four SparQ 1.0 tapes.  Contents unknown.

A power supply.  It is marked as a Sun 300-1047-05; it is
Zytec-branded, marked as a ZYRISE 925W unit, Zytec part number
22903110.  It is marked as being limited to 150A on +5V, 15A each on
-5.2V and +12V, and 10A on -12V; the +12V is also marked "25A PK FOR 20
SEC".  But it is marked as max total power 925W, and needing 60CFM
forced air cooling.  The connector is nothing I recognize; it's the
kind of custom thing I'd expect for a PS that can push 150A....

One HP 211A, a SQUARE WAVE GENERATOR, serial #2707.  This is test gear
from the vacuum tube era.

Two HP 202A LOW FREQUENCY FUNCTION GENERATORs.  Based on the controls,
these are capable of sine, triangle, and square waves from, IIRC, about
.01Hz to something like 1200Hz.  These also date from the vacuum tube

An "ALLEN B DUMONT LABORATORIES" oscilliscope, model 304 H, serial

An HP 400D vacuum-tube voltmeter.

A Beckman/Berkeley model 5230 "UNIVERSAL EPUT® AND TIMER", whatever
that is.  The most visually notable feature is that it has four display
columns with ten digit positions in each one, presumably with a lamp
behind each position.

Various magnetic media.  Figuring most prominently are QIC tapes,
TK50s, and 5¼" floppies.  Some of the "TK50"s might actually be some
other tape in the same form factor, but if I had to guess I would guess
not.  Most/all of the tapes are in plastic cases; the floppies have
paper jackets and/or cardboard boxes around them.  Contents unknown,
though at least some have labels.

For the labeled media, I hope to get the labels transcribed sometime
over the next week or so.  If/when I do that I'll post the results.

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