Is there an authoritative copy of the PDP 11 Field Guide?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Aug 22 06:58:56 CDT 2016

    > From: Ethan Dicks

    > Any updates on this? 

I have a much-annotated copy of the list, and had reached out to Megan about
sending it to her, but I fell into a hole, and never got to it. Maybe I
should check out all my changes, and get moving on that.

One question: I was using the list to sort through all the stuff that showed
up on eBait, so I wound up adding a bunch of VAX M-series boards, on the
basis that if the listing didn't include a photo (so that one could see that
it was a so-called 'super hex' board (i.e. deeper than usual), it was
impossible to tell them from PDP-11 M-series boards. (And IIRC the /730
boards are the same length as PDP-11 boards?) Was that a good call, or should
I have left them out? (I left out all PDP-8 boards, since they are already in
another list.)


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