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Mon Aug 22 22:54:42 CDT 2016

Okay, I took a bit more time going through my storage.

(a) The SparQs are indeed disks; I didn't look closely enough.

(b) Some more stuff:

- Three disks, which IIRC came out of a MicroVAX-II.  Two are
   Micropolis 1325Ds and the third is a plain 1325.  Also present are
   two sets of cables, each set suitable to connect one drive to a
   controller card.

- One HP 9153A (an HP-IB device; it appears to be a 3.5" floppy drive).

- One HP 7958A (an HP-IB device; it appears to be disk).

- One HP card, likely the interface card from something like a 7958A.
  It has an HP-IB connector, an ID switch, two connectors for cables to
  the drive, and a connector apparently for power.  In the etch on the
  component side is the number 07957-60001; on a sticker, below a
  barcode, is the text *57CNO14515* (or perhaps *57CN014515*, the font
  is ambiguous).

As before, this stuff is in Ottawa, and is yours for the coming and
picking it up.  Functionality is unknown, and details may be incorrect
because they were hand-copied.

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