Differences between the PDP-11/15 and PDP-11/20

Paul Popelka paulp1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 23:04:41 CDT 2016

> From: Noel C.
> Was the Computer History Wiki thing of any use? 
Yes.  It answered a little of what I was wondering about.  It mentioned that there is a cache of page table entries.  I was wondering how much delay the KT-11B introduces.
> > Does anyone know if schematics for it were included in the auction? 
> > If the schematics are available, are there plans to get onto bitsavers? 
> The answers apparently are yes, and yes - although there are two parts to the prints (the KT11-B itself, and the KA11 changes), and it seems that unfortunately there's (at least) one page missing from the 'KA11 changes' part.
Oh well.  There is still the actual implementation of the KA11 changes that can be reverse engineered if someone is so inclined.  I'm just glad the winner of the auction is willing to make available the information they did get.

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