"Unix Implementation" paper in HTML

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Aug 23 07:44:04 CDT 2016

So, I'm hoping someone can help me with a minor mystery. At same point, I ran
across, and saved, this:


which is a very nice HTML recreation of the famous first BSTJ Unix issue.

Notice that it contains links to online HTMl versions of two of the papers;
the basic Unix paper (the one that was famously in CACM), and "UNIX
Implementation" by Ken Thompson.

Alas, I appear not to have downloaded and saved the 'Unix Implementation'
paper; I have searched high and low on my machines, and no sign of it. Double
alas, because it doesn't seem to be online anywhere either! I have found a PDF
version online, and also the NROFF source, but not this HTML version.

I just don't recall exactly where I found this, so I can look in the Wayback
Machine for the HTML. I _thought_ it might have been from Ken or DMR's Web
page, so I found both of them in the Wayback Machine, but in sampling them
both over the years, neither one seems to have had this. (And the Wayback machine
doesn't have a search function that I know of, to search for it directly.)

So does this page ring any bells for anyone, or alternatively, has anyone
saved the HTML version "Unix Implementation"? (Yes, I know it's no biggie,
with the PDF version available, I'm just being anal.... :-)


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