Turbo Pascal v3.01a for CP/M...

geneb geneb at deltasoft.com
Tue Aug 23 14:17:16 CDT 2016

On Tue, 23 Aug 2016, Chuck Guzis wrote:

> On 08/23/2016 09:56 AM, geneb wrote:
>> The "Frank Borland" character was their mascot, but that was never
>> part of Turbo Pascal's start screen.
> No, but it was part of their "Hello World" example, IIRC.
> At any rate, if you've got the names of some of the executable files, I
> might be able to find it.

The two obvious ones are TURBO.COM and TINST.COM.  There might be a 
TURBO.MSG or TINST.MSG or TINST.DTA as well, but my memory is fuzzy on 


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