IBM 4361 + StorageTek 4674's

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Tue Aug 23 23:05:31 CDT 2016

Want a smallish mainframe? Dan de Long (info at bottom, contact him 
directly) has an IBM 4361 system available.
Also a bunch of peripherals and more modems than I've ever seen in one 
place. I bought an IBM 2540 card read punch
from him and picked it up in person. I have some photos of the trip 
dumped from my camera here:

Stuff's in Sacramento, CA. It's all buried under piles of modems, and I 
do mean buried. It will take some work to get to
the interesting stuff, but he's willing to help extricate items of 
interest. He actually climbed up and over a 6' high wall
of modems to get some 3178 terminal displays. Also, you have to crawl 
through holes in shelving units to get to some stuff.
I did to see some unit record stuff (552, 557 I think).

The 4361 and EMC disk arrays, tape systems attached to it are not too 
hard to get to. It's not free, or even cheap, he's asking
$6000 but I'm sure he's willing to negotiate. It's supposed to be up and 
running and demonstrable.

The guy has many more IBM peripherals.
129's 029's 3178's 3278's 3203's 3370, 3741, 3742, more EMC disk 
systems, 3880 controller...

Contact him directly, he loves to talk about the system.



I have 12 StorageTek 4674 tape drives available at $75 each. They are 
1600/6250 9 track.
Also 2 StorageTek 4670 control units, $125 each.
Four IBM 3480 tape drive, $300 each.
Also available IBM 3370 FBA drives and controller.


Dan de Long
R&D Data Corp
2425 24th Street
Sacramento Ca 95818
Phone 916 452 8233

Vintage computers and electronics

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