IBM 4361 + StorageTek 4674's

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Wed Aug 24 08:40:54 CDT 2016

His email address is:

delong at

Also, the 4361 is now tested! Got this from him:

**/I had the IBM 4361-5 running//
//today for history files, accounts receivables, month end statements, 
sales tax//
//register, ran a few invoices on the Telex (IBM 3287) printer. Backed 
up files on the//
//IBM 3480 tape drive. //
//There are 2 IBM 4331 units that still have some good parts. One backup 
IBM 4361-5//
//With out some cards and diskette drives. I also have a third IBM 
3203-5 missing some//
//parts. I think there is 2 Telex 1600/6250 tape drives with controller 
built into one drive.//
//One IBM 3279 display and one IBM 3287 printer. One IBM 3705 Controller 
//Front panel but the rest is there including the four covers.


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