My first 10BASE5 network segment

Joseph Zatarski jzatar2 at
Thu Aug 25 16:05:03 CDT 2016

Tuesday night, I got a small 2 node thicknet segment going between my DEC
VXT2000 and my laptop. I took a quick demo video,

The hardware setup is as follows: I have a twisted pair (10BASET) to AUI
converter (a Lantronix LTX-C) (not to be confused with a 10BASET MAU) which
is connected to (and driving) a Cabletron coax MAU with 10BASE5 vampire
tap. This is connected to a small piece of 10BASE5 coax, which is
terminated with a 47 ohm resistor pushed into each end. This coax runs over
to an identical MAU with vampire tap, and an AUI cable connects it to my
DEC VXT2000.

Anyway, I hope to demo a larger 10BASE5 network at VCF MW, but I need
outside help since I only have two AUI capable devices (the LTX-C and my
VXT2000). So if you're going to be at VCF MW, and you've got some gear with
AUI on it, bring it along and I can hook you up. I have about 50m of cable
I think, and plenty of MAUs, but I'm short on AUI cables with both ends on
it, so bring along any you have if you'd like to connect.

Joe Zatarski

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