HP-HIL keyboards with PS/2 connectors

Eric Christopherson echristopherson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 10:37:32 CDT 2016

Years ago I bought two HP 9000/715s. I've barely done anything with them,
so I don't remember for sure if they even came with keyboards. That unit's
keyboards are supposed to be HP-HIL, and I know there was a breakout box to
use a PS/2 *connector* on such a keyboard; but I'm wondering about the
particulars of that.

I have run across one HP keyboard in my stash, which has a PS/2 connector.
It only partially works on a PC -- certain keys don't register at all. What
I'd like to know is: is it certain that this is just a broken beige box PC
keyboard? The alternative I'm pondering is that it's really an HP-HIL
keyboard with a PS/2 connector that just coincidentally seems to partially
work on a PC. That's unlikely, I know, but I just want confirmation to rule
it out.

        Eric Christopherson

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