Are old SCSI tape drives not all created equal?

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Fri Aug 26 11:48:48 CDT 2016

On 8/21/2016 6:47 PM, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 08/21/2016 04:15 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
>> nope, the transport has rubber rollers that crack, and little rubber
>> belts.
> That's the transport; but what are the shortcomings of the medium itself?
> FWIW, I've got at least one DDS drive with rubber parts that have turned
> to goo.
> --Chuck

Which brand & model drives, Chuck?

There appear to be different kinds of 
material used for the rollers.  For 
with a 1999 OnStream DI30 (parallel port 
30gb) ADR drive, it's a typical black
rubber roller like you'd see in many QIC 
drives, and it's turned completely to goo.

But the SCSI version of the same drive 
-- a 1999 SC30 -- has a red roller that 
to be maybe a silicone rubber.. and it's 
still in perfect shape.

A 1996 SCSI Seagate DDS-1 DAT drive, on 
the other hand, has what I guess is the
pinch roller. It's not gooey, but is 
showing cracks..  Seems like a hard, 
black rubber.

So at least one type of rubber 
liquifies, and at least one type hardens 
and cracks.

Very perplexing.

- John

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