complete displaywriter set in Canada

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sun Aug 28 23:23:05 CDT 2016

There is a reserve set.  Any idea how much higher than $99 Canadian it 
is?  I suspect that noone was interested enough in this auction to find 
out.  I'd look for it to be listed with a high minimum bid, or maybe to 
someone who negotiated offline, or off Ebay directly with the seller.

but it isn't a 99 dollar cherry waiting to be plucked for the keyboard, 
i'm suspecting.

I couldn't find any comment on what the reserve was, sometimes they post 
it in comments.

thanks for finding it, hopefully someone will be interested in the 
entire package.

There was a 3278 KB in the suggested lines, and I'd be interested in a 
CUA coax IBM terminal if there is one that isn't selling for prices 
similar to the Apple 1 that just sold.


On 8/28/2016 8:32 PM, Electronics Plus wrote:
> I can't believe no one has bid on this! I hope it goes to someone as the
> complete set, not just for the keyboard!
> Cindy Croxton

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