DEC Pro 350/380 Memory Cards - Interchangeability?

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Mon Aug 29 11:26:32 CDT 2016

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> > I have a 350 and 380. Neither work. The 380 is reporting a possible
> > memory error on the LEDs. Will the 350's memory work in a 380 (or vice
> versa)?
> The 380 has memory on the motherboard, and a model-specific
> daughtercard for expansion memory.
> It seems reasonable that the Pro bus (I/O card) expansion memory should
> work in both models, but I don't have any to try that.
> If you have a 380 complaining about memory and it has a Pro bus memory
> card installed, I'd suggest removing that card to see if it's happy with
just the
> stock motherboard memory.
> 	paul

Unfortunately not. I removed all the expansion cards, but it still complains
about memory. It has a daughter card mounted on the main board (not in the
expansion slots). The 350 has two cards that appear to be physically the
same (connector wise), but different part numbers and different chips (I
have not looked up their datasheets). It would be nice to try the 350
daughter cards in the 380, or vice versa, as neither machine works, but at
the moment I don't really know why.



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