Looking for AT&T WE DSP16A development tools (DOS) and manuals

Jonathan Gevaryahu jgevaryahu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 14:17:16 CDT 2016

Does anyone have a copy of the AT&T/WE DSP16A development tools 
(assembler, etc) for DOS, and the devkit manual?

The actual DSP datasheets and architecture manuals are on bitsavers 
(oddly, not in the same directory, which was confusing to find):




But I'm looking for the actual assembler utility or devkit itself, which 
are listed (as DSP16A-*) on page 2-3 (pdf page 10) of 

Does anyone have a copy of this, or know someone who has it?

Jonathan Gevaryahu
jgevaryahu at gmail.com
jgevaryahu at hotmail.com

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