AT&T 3b2, IBM RT, others

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Aug 29 21:43:51 CDT 2016

    > From: Josh Dersch

    > Wish the seller would part it out (and ship). 

So, send the seller an eBay message saying you're interested in some of the
items, and you're in contact with other collectors who are interested in other
items, but: you don't want to buy the entire lot; and suggest to the seller
that they will i) sell it faster, and ii) get more money in total, if they
split the lot up, and are willing to ship things. (Assuming, of course, that
it doesn't sell as-is.)

(Speaking of getting more money, did you all see the PDP-11/34 system that
included a couple of RL01's and some RM03's? It only drew a single bid, and
went for $2K. I was vaguely interested in the RM03's, but didn't want to deal
with the RL01's, so I didn't bid. Wonder how many others made similar
calculations? And I wonder if they buyer will actually use all of it, or put
part of it - perhaps the RL01's or the RM03's - in a corner to gather dust?
Wuz gonna send them a message of the sort I suggested above, but it sold.)


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