Jon Elson elson at
Mon Aug 29 21:59:56 CDT 2016

On 08/29/2016 02:11 PM, Dave Wade wrote:
> Folks,
> I am going to be in San Francisco in a few weeks' time, but only for about a
> day and half. I could spare 2 hours at CHM but is it worth dragging myself
> up there on a Sunday when there are no working exhibits, and I will only
> have two hours.
Yes, it is a shame that few machines are even assembled, no 
less running, but STILL VERY much worth the trip.
They do have a 1401 that runs, but it is only fired up on 
certain days.  It was a TOTAL gas to see all this stuff, 
including most of the machines I ever worked with, even if 
just static displays.  I saw a LINC, Bendix G15 and PDP-12, 
as well as the first machine Seymour Cray built in his 
garage, etching the boards with his own hands!
And that was at the Moffett Field site, it must be a LOT 
better now!


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