RX02 and RXV11 emulators

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Mon Aug 29 22:29:55 CDT 2016

I got interested in a thread which mentioned RX02 emulators by C H 
Dickman, and found a nice page on that, which is still live.

However, one of the pages was on geocities, and though there are about 
10 or 15 hits for the path below, noone
had any links which i could find which hit the original project. There 
are a number of dead domains on both
the RX01 page and elsewhere.

The link below has the listings, the zip file, all captured and 




The Bella Torok project extended the Dickman work to use an Arduino.  
The design however is not minimal in terms of what you
really need to do to get a working version with the Arduino.  A lot of 
the wires are building out a board which can be had for about
5 bucks which adds a 16 character display and 4 buttons to an arduino.  
He also implements an SD card on the arduino, all
using a lot of wiring.

If one buys the Arduino, the 16x2 / button shield, and one of the 
generic SPI Sd cards, I suspect there is way less involved in
making up the Torok version.  He also has a Raspberry Pi version which 
might be interesting too.


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