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Tue Aug 30 10:20:48 CDT 2016

At 10:18 AM 8/30/2016, Paul Koning wrote:

>Interesting.  I thought it started with the 4004, which was created as the engine of a desktop calculator.

The 4004 was the CPU of a 4 chip chipset developed, IIRC, in 1969 for Nippon Calculating Machine. Intel later bought the rights to the 4004 from Nippon and in 1971 began marketing the 4004 chipset as the first programmable microprocessor chipset.

The OP, on the other hand, was speaking only of the 8008, which was developed by Intel for the Datapoint 2200 terminal, but was not used in the production of that terminal. Intel sought other users and the first marketed applications for the 8008 were in calculators.

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