BA123 Side panels and Stuck TK50

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at
Tue Aug 30 11:51:58 CDT 2016

This is real trivia but I have a BA123 cabinet (MicroVax II) and there a 
screws that hold the side panels in place, and mine are missing.  Does 
anyone know the type of screw I should go look for at the hardware store?

The same cabinet has a TK50 and I foolishly put a cartridge into it and 
now it won't come out.  It is called being 'stuck'.  How do proceed to 
get this TK50 cartridge out?

Also, the TQK50 controller never saw the drive and I was wondering if 
the PROM's (after 30 years) on the board lose their data?

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