BA123 Side panels and Stuck TK50

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Tue Aug 30 17:32:41 CDT 2016

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> On 8/30/2016 1:54 PM, shadoooo wrote:
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> > A tape in this condition of striction is probably unusable anyway,
> > unless you back it up a little in an oven, but even so it could be
> > readable just for a couple of hours
> I wonder if the header could be cut off and used for the other guy's
> who has the broken leader. 

I think you are referring to me. The leader I was talking about was the one
*inside the drive* that hooks the tape in the cartridge. I may have used the
wrong term, if so sorry about that.

> That wouldn't involve the magnetic media being
> involved, and might fix his tape cartridge.  I think someone suggested
> sacrificing a cartridge, this would be better than a possibly good one as
> source for the leader.

So sacrificing a cartridge wouldn't help in my case....



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