Wanted - two 27C010-capable EPROM emulators

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Wed Aug 31 17:07:56 CDT 2016

Hi there,

Does anyone have a pair of spare EPROM emulators which are capable of
emulating 27C010 EPROMs?
Ideally two identical ones, but that's optional.

I'm trying to reverse-engineer a Securicor Datatrak MkII navigation
receiver and build a signal generator which can emulate a chain of
Datatrak transmitters. I'm part of the way there, but I've hit something
of an impasse:

  * My emulator isn't good enough to run the firmware on a PC (it
crashes when the RTOS starts to boot).

  * My knowledge of the hardware is full of holes (especially the
simple-but-custom ASIC). Porting a monitor ROM using EPROMs would take a
fair while, even with the HP16700A to use as a "debugger". I'd like to
try patching the firmware, but with bare EPROMs that'll take a while to
get right.

I could swear these things were as common as housebricks on ebay a year
or so ago, but now they're not quite so common...

Incidentally, if someone (preferable in the EEA) has a spare HP 16717A
acquisition card (for the 16700A series logic analysers) for sale, I'd
be very interested in getting another one -- my second 16717A seems to
have died while in storage, and spying on the 68k has eaten up all the
pod inputs on my one working card.

classiccmp at philpem.me.uk

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