Digital circuits and analog devices

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You don't really find many examples of discrete states, anywhere in the
natural world. Just not a whole lot of quantization out there, unless you
reduce to the subatomic level - and while you'll find discrete states
(quanta) there, they are by nature indeterminate.

Have to admit, we did get an interesting universe.

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> Not only are they made of analog devices, but at the speeds things have
> been running at for the last 20 (maybe 30) years, they often behave like
> analog devices. Things like transmission line theory, crosstalk,
> oscillation, etc are all important design considerations.
> Eugene
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> So I have this memory of a set of law promulgated by an engineer at DEC,
> one of which was something to the effect that 'all digital circuits are
> made out of analog devices'. However, my memory doesn't recall where I saw
> this, and my Google-fu is not strong enough to turn it up. Can anyone help?
>         Noel

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