Odd "endianness" [was Re: RE: Base 64 posts to the list]

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Dec 5 10:51:20 CST 2016

>> Little-endian!!!
> Middle-endian FTW!!!!

That makes me wonder: was there any hardware that used an endianness
such that conversion didn't loop with period 2?

Little- and big-endian do this; conversion between them is
byteswapping, which is self-inverse.  Conversion between PDP11-endian
(0x87654321 stored as 0x65 0x87 0x21 0x43) and either big- or
little-endian is also self-inverse.  Is there any hardware for which
conversion between its native storage format and any of these three is
not self-inverse?  To put it another way, and rather more loosely, is
there one for which htonl and ntohl are actually different operations?

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