Searching for a lost Macintosh TV (Texas)

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Mon Dec 5 20:49:17 CST 2016

I'm not really active in any of the classic computing communities apart 
from classiccmp, so I would appreciate it if others could pass this 
message around and see if this computer ended up in the hands of a fellow 

A good friend of mine who lived in Spring, TX (north of Houston) owned a 
black Macintosh TV (1993 vintage). During a move many years ago (late 
2010), it mistakenly ended up turned in as ewaste. I only found out late 
this year (2016) that this had happened.

Given how rare/uncommon these machines are, chances are very high that it 
ended up resold on eBay or similar instead of being scrapped. I have no 
records of the serial number of the machine, but according to my archives, 
I installed Mac OS 7.6.1 on it on May 5, 1998. It was also upgraded with 
an 8MB SIMM but still had the factory hard drive.

If by some chance a fellow collector ended up with it, and if it still has 
its hard drive and files intact, my friend would really like to obtain a 
copy of her files (a disk image of the hard drive would be ideal). I 
happened to still have a backup of the machine on a zip disk from May 24, 
1998, but she had continued to use the machine off and on for many years 
after that. I would also just like to know that the machine didn't end up 

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