Searching for a lost Macintosh TV (Texas)

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Mon Dec 5 23:03:05 CST 2016

On Mon, 5 Dec 2016, Ian Finder wrote:

> Props for for having a good sense of humor. It made me laugh.
> Seriously though I hate to say it but your quest feels pretty damn 
> futile.
> I wish you luck either way, and would offer you my MacTV but it is long 
> gone.
> If you can provide names of unique files or something that was on the 
> drive- identifiable but not sensitive- it might help you. Like I said, 
> there's nothing to key off of in your original post.
> I've hunted far rarer specific systems- smbx machines and the like that 
> went missing from universities with good inventory control only one or 
> two years ago- and had zero luck.
> Also do try Low End Mac and 68kmla, this is more relevant to those 
> audiences.

I'm not really looking to find a MacTV for myself, I have other Macs in 
storage which are much more useful machines. Its a novel machine, sure, 
but just not terribly useful.

I do have very detailed information of what was on the computer (I have 
that full system backup from May 24, 1998), but I do not want to post any 
of that publicly.

Given how few Macintosh TVs still exist, with the timeframe I mentioned in 
my initial post (I was told late 2010), if a MacTV sold in that part of 
Texas to a collector, the chance it might be that very computer is 
certainly greater than zero. The odds are certainly much better than they 
would be for a much more common Mac or random PC.

Of course even if it did turn up, the hard drive or files might be long 
gone. If I didn't at least post something about it though, the chance it 
might turn up with an intact hard drive would be zero ;)

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