EMACS folly

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Thu Dec 8 00:37:12 CST 2016

Rich Alderson wrote:
> Well, sure, if you load the suckit.el library, but that's optional.  It's
> faster if you load the compiled suckit.elc instead.
> I prefer the compiled TECO variant BITEME.:EJ, of course!

Loaded into GNU Emacs? ;-)

Hey, do you have any VAXen over there?  How about getting an early Emacs
running on those?  I turned the Internet inside out to find Gosling
Emacs, BTL Emacs, and GNU Emacs 15 and 17, and and it would be a shame
if the source code was just sitting idle.

Or how about TECO EMACS?  Only not on the PDP family you'd expect, but
the 16-bit flavor.

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