EMACS folly

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Fri Dec 9 01:24:00 CST 2016

Rich Alderson wrote:
> > Hey, do you have any VAXen over there?  How about getting an early
> > Emacs running on those?
> We have a VAX-11/780-5 (a 780 field upgraded to a 785) running VMS

I'll let someone else do the VMS stuff.  DECUSLIB has a copy of GNU
Emacs 15, possibly the very first public release.

Some day, if a free time slot appears, I'd like to try to get the early
Unix Emacsen running in their natural Berkeley habitat.  I'd probably
run a VAX emulator for that.

> > Or how about TECO EMACS?  Only not on the PDP family you'd expect,
> > but the 16-bit flavor.
> Pete Siemsen wrote a new PDP-11 TECO [...] a couple of us suggested
> that he try adding the MIT TECO features to his program, and he said
> he'd give it a try.

I was hinting a the very real EMACS-11 by Fred Fish.  Here's a
net.sources post from 1984, and a tarball from Pete Siemsen:


Again, I'd love to see this running, but I'm starved for time right now.
(Aren't we all?)

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