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> > Well done!
> > Perhaps  glass case it  to  keep it around?
> > How many hours into the project?
> > I am impressed!
> >  Ed#
> >
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> Oh, it's not my effort, sorry if that wasn't clear, I was just providing
> the link, a friend directed me to it.
> It's being being mentioned on various sites like gizmodo et al.
> is-perfectly-edible-1790410311
> Apparently the creator is "HaHaBird’s Nathan Pryor", who also did this:
> into-an-amusing-trash-1757398260
I love my daughter, but her gingerbread house has nothing on this.  But
she's planning to study environmental science in college - maybe
gingerbread trees?  Or gingerbread bureaucrats, so you can bite their tiny
heads off when they mistake procedure for progress?  Oh, just saying....

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