PDP-11/03, LSI-11 KEV11-C CIS option

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 1 10:55:43 CST 2016

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Subject: Re: PDP-11/03, LSI-11 KEV11-C CIS option 

Spend the extra few dollars (or what your currency is) and pack it in a
very strong box. I've actually
had EPROMs show up cracked in half


Of course Pete!  I would never put the chip "as-is" in a bubble-wrap
envelop, for several reasons.
To ship ICs, I have small hard-carton boxes, stuffed inside with
conducting foam (ESD countermeasure). These boxes are quite strong.

But I guess it is no longer needed. I will take a few pics anyway,
but that will be next weekend.

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