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> On Feb 1, 2016, at 11:14 AM, Norman Jaffe <turing at> wrote:
> I've had even more fun with UPS - there was a big hole punched in the side of a tape library that was shipped to me, completely destroying the library. 
> The hole matched the fork on a forklift truck. 
> UPS insisted that the hole existed before they shipped it - until it was pointed out that the hole was right through their shipping documents. 

Yea, they’re response when I was talking to them, was “Well just have the shipper
send another one”.  Yea, right.  It’s hard to get them to appreciate that some of this
stuff *is no longer manufactured*.  I guess the only other way is to put such a high
value on it (with insurance) that they sit up and take notice if it goes missing.

TTFN - Guy

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>>>> Spend the extra few dollars (or what your currency is) and pack it in a 
>>>> very strong box. I've actually had EPROMs show up cracked in half 
>>> Seconded. The machines the USPS uses for automated sorting of mail are not 
>>> gentle on parcels. 
>> I'd rather strongly suggest you not us the USPS period. In the last 6 
>> months or so they've flat out lost 4 items either destined to or 
>> shipped by me, and one item apparently (according to the tracking web 
>> site) sat in a sorting facility in Utah for nearly a month before 
>> magically showing up. Glad it wasn't perishable. 
> I’ve had failures with *all* of the major shippers. 
> UPS tracking is a *joke*. It tells you not where the package is but where 
> it’s supposed to be. I was tracking an IBM 3278 terminal and it wasn’t 
> until the tracking said it was “on the truck for delivery” that they realized 
> there was a problem. There was not one “physical” scan of the package 
> and they had no idea where it was. 
> TTFN - Guy 

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