AIX for IBM system 370

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Tue Feb 2 01:11:42 CST 2016

On 2/1/16 10:05 PM, Eric Smith wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 9:37 PM, Guy Sotomayor <ggs at> wrote:
>> The AIX in the quote was regarding AIX for the RS/6000.  The kernel for AIX
>> on the
>> RS/6000 bore no real resemblance to any other Unix kernel.
> [...]
>> Yes, it was alien (vs traditional Unix kernels) but it was simple and quite
>> fast.
> Am I misremembering, or doesn't AIX use substantially different
> commands for managing things, rather than the commands typically found
> in /sbin and/or /usr/sbin on "normal" Unix systems?  I thought that
> was another motivation for the "space alien" quote, rather than only
> the kernel.

Yea, all of the management was done through smit (I think that's the 
command).  Menu
driven and everything was kept in a database.

I think in later versions IBM relented and allowed things to be managed 
through "normal"
Unix commands and files.
> I haven't actually used AIX/370. I used AIX for the RS/6000 only long
> enough to get disgusted and get an illicit copy of AOS, which was BSD
> 4.3, which I knew how to use.

I used  AIX (I think it was 3.2.5)  for quite a while as a build 
environment for other systems
(since it tended to be the fastest thing IBM anyway).

TTFN - Guy

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