AIX for IBM system 370

Jerry Kemp other at
Wed Feb 3 01:52:10 CST 2016

I can confirm much of Guy's comments.

I want to keep this as short as possible and not get booted from the mailing 
list.  The Intel/CISC version of AIX is easily available out on the Internet via 
floppy disc images.  Along with AIX's predecessor, RT.

The IBM RT software was developed for IBM by Interactive Systems Corp.
AIX for PS/2 & PC's was developed by Locus Computing Corp.

Lower end model PS/2's came with ISA expansion slots.  Higher end models were 
MCA (Micro Channel Architecture).

Also, regarding the PS/2 BIOS, is something I was completely unaware of, or at 
least forgot a long time ago, concerning dual BIOS's.  Quoting the Wikipedia 
PS/2 page:::

IBM's PS/2 was designed to remain software compatible with their PC/AT/XT line 
of computers upon which the large PC clone market was built, but the hardware 
was quite different. PS/2 had two BIOSes; one was named ABIOS (Advanced BIOS) 
which provided a new protected mode interface and was used by OS/2, and the 
other was named CBIOS (Compatible BIOS) which was included in order for the PS/2 
to be software compatible with the PC/AT/XT. CBIOS was so compatible that it 
even included Cassette BASIC.

As I review the AIX 1.3 software, I see both ISA and MCA devices in the drivers 

Good times.....  :)


On 02/ 1/16 05:16 PM, Guy Sotomayor wrote:

> Good luck in finding media for AIX PS/2.  As far as I know, it was never released on
> CDROM and the last version I had was ~53 3.5” floppies (long gone now unfortunately)
> and *only* worked on specific PS/2 hardware (no BIOS — all drivers went straight
> to the “metal”).
> TTFN - Guy

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