OS help needed please

Kevin Parker trash80 at internode.on.net
Wed Feb 3 03:38:24 CST 2016

Seems Windows 98 has got a few mentions on the list of late - must have just
come into the "classic era".

A while ago a good friend approached me as he wanted to get an old game up
and running that he really likes - Recoil (might ring a bell with a few list
folk) - wants the real experience, not the VM experience. 

I'd be happy to help him out anyway but he has thrown a few old machines at
me from time to time rather than see them go to the tip so he definitely
gets help.

The game is quite particular and will only run on Win 98. I've resurrected a
HP e-Vectra that I have (very nice little machine by the way) that has a
serial  on it for Win 98 SE but I really need the "actual" HP Recovery media
for it as I'm having some dramas getting the right video and sound drivers
for it.

I've struck out at HP and have tried a few vendors that still list parts for
this machine but no joy.

Be most grateful if someone can help me out or point me somewhere please.

Thank you!!!

Kevin Parker


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