AIX for IBM PS/2

John Ball ball.of.john at
Wed Feb 3 11:11:36 CST 2016

>Good luck in finding media for AIX PS/2.  As far as I know, it was never
released on
>CDROM and the last version I had was ~53 3.5? floppies (long gone now
>and *only* worked on specific PS/2 hardware (no BIOS ? all drivers went
>to the ?metal?).
>TTFN - Guy

Nope, AIX 1.3 is readily available. It's over on if
you know where to look along with a rather massive amount of documentation
and (VERY HANDY) installation instructions. I can confirm that it will work
on a stock IBM 8580 and you can get several different flavours of window
system if you wanna roll that way. I put a video on Youtube a few years ago
of a running machine when it was still rather badly configured. I briefly
had it working on the model 55SX as well but because I was not labling the
disks as I wrote them I went out-of-sequence somewhere and frustratingly
couldn't find Disk 15.


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