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Thu Feb 4 04:06:15 CST 2016

> The only place the "Compaq" logo appears is for the funny cover pages
> are very thick paper with a window to allow the manual name to show
> through.  Those very thick cover pages also used to have the DEC logo
> Mentec was involved.

Any thing that says "DEC" passed to "Compaq" as Compaq bought DEC lock,
stock and barrel, well excluding Digital India which was never wholly owned
any way,
> Overall conclusion:  The manuals are still from DEC - nothing has changed
> since replacing the name on the thick paper cover page without ANY
> supporting reference to what the "Compaq" logo refers to may be just the
> way that Mentec attempted to portray that Mentec now owned the manual
> copyrights.

As I said Compaq bought DEC. Anything DEC passed to Compaq or 

> There is ONE exception.  The Release Notes for V05.07 of RT-11 was
> prepared and produced by Mentec in 1998.  This one manual does have a
> copyright notice from Mentec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> So I would suggest that any manual prepared prior to 1994 which was
> approximately when Mentec became involved is purely from DEC and is still
> under copyright from DEC.  

DEC no longer exists. Its Compaq. (well HP now)

>And further, based on a notice from DEC
> concerning manuals which are out of print (naturally at this point all
> from DEC are out of print), DEC gave permission (I don't have a copy of
> actual notice - can someone please provide it) to copy all manuals.
> Jerome Fine

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