Can Windows 98SE run on an Intel I7 with SATA hard drives?

Dale H. Cook radiotest at
Thu Feb 4 08:17:48 CST 2016

At 08:08 AM 2/4/2016, Liam Proven wrote:

>But NT is a better OS in every important or material way.

It is unusable in one important way. This thread began as a discussion of running serial port terminal emulators on a PC. At work I still use some MS-DOS programs (admittedly not terminal emulators) over serial ports. For my purposes (setting up a variety of vintage specialized hardware over RS-232) NT-based operating systems are sometimes unusable because they present the application program with a virtual serial port, and MS-DOS programs running under those operating systems cannot read from or write to the UART registers. Some of the setup programs for that vintage hardware were written before the mid-1990s and access the UART registers, so I have to run those under Win98 or earlier. I have a portable MS-DOS 3.3 machine that I use to set up that vintage hardware.

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