DEC Dual 1173 cpu with rack available

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Fri Feb 5 10:26:17 CST 2016

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From: Jay West 
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Subject: DEC Dual 1173 cpu with rack available 

I received the following this morning....
I recently acquired a pdp11/73 with dual CPUs and am looking to sell it.
Would you know anyone interested.
I would like this to survive and wish to find it a good home.    I live In
The person also gave me a picture, which I posted (temporarily) at

Interesting.   I never saw a "corporate rack"of that height before.
Approx 1 meter high is common, this one is not.
The "computer status" panel seems to be made by the owner,
I don't think it is originally made by DEC. Could be wrong though.

If somebody has a small (approx 1" to 1.5" ?)  "filler panel" like
the ones above and beneath that "computer status" panel collecting
dust, send me an email. I could use one!

- Henk

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