Bull DPX/2 and B.O.S. help wanted.

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Fri Feb 5 13:30:35 CST 2016

fre 2016-02-05 klockan 15:39 +0100 skrev Pontus Pihlgren: 
> Yes.
> The primary reaspn I'm working with this system is because I 
> want to give it away to someone with more knowledge and more 
> importantly, more time.
> But I need to remove some sensitive data first. Wipeing the 
> whole disk  is doable but not prefered.
> It's just scsi disks so if there is any other system, perhaps 
> emulated, that can read and write the file system formay that 
> might be a viable option.
> What system might be able to do that?
> /P

Can Solaris 2 mount an SysV file system ? (or SunOS 4)

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