Looking for Heathkit H11 manuals

Gary L. Messick Gary at realtimecomp.com
Fri Feb 5 14:31:23 CST 2016


I should have the assembly manual for the H-11.

There is also an H-11A.  The H-11 had a Quad-width LSI-11, and the H-11A had a double-width CPU.  Also, the H-11A had a third switch on the front for the LTC (Line Time Clock).  I *think* there were minor Power Supply differences also.

Do you know which one you are getting?

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Gary/Adrian —

        Thanks! Good to be back on-list — somehow I lost the subscription.

        I’m looking for the assembly manual(s) for the main H-11 unit. I might be getting an H11 and I think it only has two boards in it (maybe the LSI-11 and 4k MEM boards??) but it doesn’t come with any manuals.


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