Farewell and thanks!

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri Feb 5 18:47:37 CST 2016

>> I've finally had my fill of the general grumpiness and bluntly
>> worded interactions on this list.
> Sorry to hear that.

What linimon@ said.

> I fight against such things on other lists I am on, but some weeks I
> also wonder why.

I just now noticed something.

I've noticed people mentioning instances of, shall we say, "excessive
bluntness" occasionally here.  But, significantly more often than not,
I never saw the, er, "excessively blunt" message itself.

Usually, as in this case, this turns out to be because (for unrelated
reasons) I go to some lengths to avoid seeing anything that was sent
through gmail, even laundered through mailing lists.  (This loses me
some mail I regret losing, but, so far, not enough to make me take out
those blocks.  And note that it's not people using gmail addresses I
block, but mail actually sent through gmail.)

I'm wondering if perhaps this correlation works well enough for other
people that dropping list mail sent through gmail could help preserve
the S/N ratio of the list for those who find it low enough that
dropping off the list entirely is looking attractive.

(_Why_ that test correlates that way for me is an interesting, but only
tangentially related, question.)

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