emergency moderation mode RE: Virtualizing AIX 1.3 - WAS::::Re: AIX for IBM PS/2

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sat Feb 6 10:51:27 CST 2016

I had already turned on emergency moderation mode to try and stem the tide
of this escalating further. I had also already emailed a few people off-list
about this, which is primarily how it should be handled. Those who should
have been corrected... were. Quietly.

I'm rather tired of (a very few) people commenting "oh, this list is so much
smaller than other forums" or "there's such a low SNRatio here" or "Everyone
here is unfriendly (or things like that)". Screw all of that. I submit that
while this list may be small, it has the best content and expertise, far
better than others (I've looked). I submit that while the SNRatio gets off
track once in a great while, I've seen that happen elsewhere, and at least
as often if not more. Perhaps some should use their technical expertise to
study the function of the "delete" key. Quite frankly I don't think it
happens here all that often. Unfriendly? Perhaps there are a few that are
brisque at times. On the one hand - Guess what... that's life. In any crowd
there's always a few grumpy old men (of which I am one - especially at the
moment), and  socially well-adjusted people should learn how to deal with it
and get along. On the other hand - That doesn't mean I don't correct those
that need correcting (and I did) .. but I really don't need to hear the
whining. It seems that there are one or two people that state they don't
want to participate because of one or more of the above... yet they stay
here solely to voice that opinion. Odd.


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