Farewell and thanks!

Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.pl
Sat Feb 6 08:42:14 CST 2016

On Fri, Feb 05, 2016 at 08:39:07PM -0500, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
> >Mouse wrote:
> >Usually, as in this case, this turns out to be because (for
> >unrelated reasons) I go to some lengths to avoid seeing anything
> >that was sent through gmail, even laundered through mailing lists.
> >(This loses me some mail I regret losing, but, so far, not enough
> >to make me take out those blocks.  And note that it's not people
> >using gmail addresses I block, but mail actually sent through
> >gmail.)

Like, as if the email had been written in a browser? Or in a phone
app? Intriguing idea. I have collected quite some mails from all those
lists I subscribe to. I wish I could find time to explore this
further. Perhaps even come to conclusion. I think I will write a note
to myself about it and if I ever find the note...

> And since I receive so much help for the very few things that I really
> need like help for a new system, it is really very reasonable to spend
> the few minutes each day to sift out the chaff (at least what I regard
> as chaff - not at all identical for anyone else of course) from the good
> stuff.
> I rarely reply to this sort of speculation, but I regard Mouse's opinions
> quite highly, in addition to Tony Duell whom I regard the most.

I subscribed to this list exactly because of huge body of collective
knowledge. Right now, the only ancient machines I have is 20 years old
Pentium clone (my first Linux installed, probably dead, but it might
be interesting to give it a try) and maybe some 12-15 years old Compaq
iPAQ PDA (back in time I replaced WindowsCE with Linux, very
pleasurable experience to have it in a pocket, despite some weight,
possibly still boots, will have to check). So I am not too much of a
collector :-). However, I keep collecting scraps of knowledge, a piece
a time, in my own slooooooow manner. Thus it makes me a bit uneasy
when I see people going away.

Tomasz Rola

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