Farewell and thanks!

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Feb 6 13:20:09 CST 2016

>> [...] would like to particularly express my thanks to Tony Duell,
>> Fred Cisin and Chuck Guzis for being unfailingly polite and very
>> forthcoming with technical advice.
> That is the first time I have been called 'polite'.

I concur.  While my interaction with you has been limited to the list,
in my experience you have been unfailingly polite.  That's not to say
you haven't called idiocy idiocy; it's entirely possible to do that
while remaining polite.  Polite != nice, after all.)

> You've not met me when I've just dropped an R80 on my toe.  Or had
> EHT flash over to my fingers... Or [...]

I think we all ahve such moments.  I know I certainly do. :-)

> had to deal with a <terminal idiot> (note : That is not somebody who
> doesn't know something and who wants to learn.  I will always try to
> make time for that).

I sometimes say that ignorance is curable but stupid is forever. :-)

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